Partner description: Scientific Institute of Public Health - Louis Pasteur, Brussels, Belgium

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Dr. Marc Arbyn in his office, Scientific Institute of Public Health - Louis Pasteur, Brussels, Belgium


The first activities which are at the origin of the Institute go back to the year 1897.
Gradually different Public Health laboratory activities are brought together at the same location.
1948 : Royal Decree on the establishment of a "National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology".
1957 : Transfer of the Institute into new premises in the J. Wytsmanstreet in Ixelles.
1968 : The Institute receives the statute of "Scientific Institute of the State" and is called "Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology".
1997 : In the context of the merging with the Pasteur Institute (formerly depending from the authorities on the Province of Brabant), the Institute is called
"Scientific Institute of Public Health - Louis Pasteur".

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Scientific Institute of the State (Royal Decree of 6th March 1968) depending from the Ministry of Social Affairs, Public Health and Environment.
The Institute possesses also the "legal personality" in order to facilitate the execution of contracts for third parties.

Governing Bodies
Scientific Board (Scientific policy of the Institute)
Directory Board (Internal policy of the Institute)
"General Committee of Accompaniment" (Supervision over the correct execution of the Cooperation Agreement between the State and the Communities).

Reference activities
Epidemiological surveillance
Control of federal norms
Quality assessment
Risk evaluation
Evaluation of health data
National and international representation of the Belgian federal authorities

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