VideoCom Products

The products resulting from the project can be purchased directly from NTS.

VideoCom Access Pad
Upgrade your videoconference system with the  icon-based Acccess Pad User Interface ensuring comfortable control of peripheral devices and multimedia object transfer, and also the adjustment of the teleconference parameters (e.g. level of sound, focus of attention of the cameras, display of microscope images, video recorder, etc.).
pad_400w_5.jpg (20788 Byte)
  • Can be modified for all Videoconference systems
  • Standard software for PCS-1600 from Sony
  • Freely programmable
  • Connection with 8-Pin Westernplug RJ-45
  • Layout can be customised
It has an integrated Smart Card reader for the identification and authentication of the team of doctors participating to a teleconference session, in order to restrict the access to patient data to the authorised medical staff. Object transfer enables team work on a set of digital objects (like the electronic patient record, results of the laboratory analyses, CT-images, the joint discussion of detected cancerous cells in microscope images, or X-rays images).
NTS PCS-T160 € 1.426,50 (excl. 16% VAT)
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VideoCom Access Pad

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Set-top Medical Videoconference System including Access Pad
This system is in daily clinical use for medical videoconferences between medical specialists in the VideoCom hospital network of 10 hospitals in South-West Saxony in Germany.
  • up to 384 Kb/s on ISDN and up to 1024 Kb/s over IP on a LAN
  • incl. VideoCom Acess Pad with Smart Card authentication
  • Image share facility: multiple video inputs possible from e.g. PC, digital microscope...

Incl. 15" high-end Samsung S-Video TFT monitor. Also available with 17" monitor, and a wide range of other options and upgrades.

zwickau_sys_doc_camera_400w_5.jpg (26533 Byte)
  • with Sony PCS-1600-384 CODEC
  • motorized Pan / Tilt / Zoom camera
  • connection for two monitors (dual-monitor mode)
  • integrated microphone
  • IP-Remote Service provided by NTS

Data sheet of Sony PCS-1600-384

NTS PCS-1600-384 € 13.497 (excl. 16% VAT)
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384 kbps Medical Videoconference System including Access Pad

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Integrated Desktop Videoconference System with miniaturised Access Pad
Use ISDN or IP-Network for video communication at up to 384 kbps. Highly reliable, since the system is independent from an operating system. The system is ready for conference within five seconds of switching it on.
  • Desktop Videoconference System with high-end Samsung 15" S-Video TFT monitor
  • Miniaturised Access Pad integrated in Mouse Pad
  • True Plug and Play System based on Sony's newest Basic Codec PCS-1600
  • Also available with 17" TFT monitor, and a wide range of other options and upgrades
  • Option: secure transmission using state of the art built-in BlueCrypt8 Encryption Units based on triple DES encryption, at extra 3.550 € (excl. 16% VAT) .

Data sheet NTS Goldline 150

goldline150_front_400w_5.jpg (28923 Byte) High Quality Real Life Video for all participants

Natural Audio with innovative echo cancellation

IP-Interface for Service and Remote Diagnostic

Supports all ITU-T Standards

goldline150_side_flip_483h_5.jpg (32966 Byte)
NTS Goldline 150 (with 128 kbps) € 6.930 (excl. 16% VAT)
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128 kbps Integrated Desktop Videoconference system
NTS Goldline 150 (with 384 kbps) € 10.329 (excl. 16% VAT)
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384 kbps Integrated Desktop Videoconference system

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