Partner description: Association EVE, Strasbourg, France

EVE association was created in 1990 to promote organized cervical cancer screening in the department of Bas-Rhin (France).
Ten years later, in 2001, EVE campaign was extended to the department of Haut-Rhin and is now concerning the whole Alsace Region.

    Non-profit-making association.
    Board of directors includes 20 to 30 members elected for 9 years.
    Financial partners : state, social security, regional councils, research institutes.

Project Co-ordinators
    Professor P. Dellenbach (President),
    Professor J-J. Baldauf (scientific adviser),
    Doctor M. Fender (medical coordinator).

Association EVE
3 Place du Cygne
Tel.: (33)
Fax: (33)
E-mail :

    Reduce incidence and mortality of cervical cancer in Alsace.
    Demonstrate possibility of organized screening based on existing medical facilities (Private and Public gynaecologists, general practitioners, all cytopathology laboratories).
    Evaluate the campaign with collaboration of the population-based cancer register.

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    Inform 25 to 65-year-old women to improve their participation.
    Train general practitioners to screening.
    Organize quality-assurance of cytology.
    Develop and maintain a screening register of all smears done in the target population.
    Follow-up of abnormal smears.
    Monitoring and evaluation.

The Association EVE has been a partner in the European Cervical Cancer Network since 1993. 2 studies are on-going/planned within the Network activities of this partner:
    Evaluation of the Thin layer technique as a common practise within the framework of the EVE campaign.
    Long term survey of ASCUS, AGUS and immature metaplasia.

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